About Us

 SUTL Environtech

Established in 2014, SUTL EnvironTech is a subsidiary of SUTL Corporation Pte Ltd. We are the sole distributor of specialised self-disinfecting coating products, sdst and sdpro, that help your environment stay safer, cleaner and fresher, for an extended period of time.

We provide customers and partners with the best solutions to protect human life and their environment from harmful pathogens, bacteria, fungi and viruses that cause illnesses and infections.

Arthur Tay

Mr Arthur Tay is the Chairman and CEO of the SUTL Group of Companies where he actively oversees core business activities of SUTL in Singapore and throughout Asia. Under Mr Tay’s leadership, SUTL has expanded its business, focusing on two core business units – Leisure and Consumer Goods, with a distribution presence in more than 18 countries across Asia.

Mr Tay is also the brainchild behind the distinguished ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove, and the Founding Chairman of the Superyacht Singapore Association (SSA) formed in 2007. An active individual in the industry, he was awarded 2014 Asia Pacific Boating’s Personality of the Year.

An active philanthropist and grassroots leader, Mr Tay currently serves as Patron for the West Coast Citizens’ Consultative Committee. He holds an MBA in Real Estate and Finance, from the Golden Gate University, USA.